“The Future of Silverlight” keynote by ScottGu starts off the 12/2/10 FireStarter event

14 November 2010

As a developer on the Silverlight team, I get the joy of seeing the many code review and checkin e-mails that our dev team is doing. It’s exciting, and sometimes I do wish I could share that sort of thing with the world.

We’ve been hosting Silverlight FireStarter events for some time, but in light of recent confusion and happenings in the world of the Silverlight, the next one on 12/2/10 is just that much more important: the keynote by Scott Guthrie will be on “Future of Silverlight”.

Here’s the marketing graphic for the event, please tune in!



There is actually a lot more on the schedule than just that keynote, too. Here’s the latest schedule I have seen floating around:

8:00 am

9:00 am
Scott Guthrie
The Future of Silverlight

10:45 am
Jesse Liberty
Data Binding Strategies with Silverlight and WP7

11:30 am
Yavor Georgiev
Building Compelling Apps with WCF using REST and LINQ

12:15 pm

1:00 pm
Dan Wahlin
Building Feature Rich Business Apps Today with RIA Services

1:45 pm
John Papa
MVVM: Why and How? Tips and Patterns using MVVM and Service Patterns with Silverlight and WP7

2:45 pm
Tim Heuer
Tips and Tricks for a Great Installation Experience

3:30 pm
Mike Cook & Jossef Goldberg
Tune Your Application: Profiling and Performance Tips

4:30 pm
Jaime Rodriguez
Performance Tips for Silverlight Windows Phone 7

5:15 pm
After Party!

If you’re in the area, try attending – I hope to be there and as always I enjoy meeting folks in the industry and getting their thoughts on all the hard work we do, so I’ll see y’a there – or on the Internets!

Jeff Wilcox is a Software Engineer at Microsoft in the Open Source Programs Office (OSPO), helping Microsoft engineers use, contribute to and release open source at scale.

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