A quick look at the types of Windows Phone page transition animations

Posted 16 November 2010  

Today Will Faught from the Silverlight Toolkit team blogged about the transitions built into the latest release of the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit. Good stuff (Will was the developer for this feature).

In case you haven’t opened up the sample app that came with the phone kit, and just want to see at a basic level what these different transition animations are, I built this quick Silverlight app to show them to you. Click on the name of the animation type to see what it looks like as the out/forward transition.

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And yes, in case you’re wondering about the beauty of Silverlight code consistency, this app is built by just starting a new Silverlight project and pulling in some of the open source phone toolkit files. Enjoy the transition animations on your pages!

Jeff Wilcox is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft on the Azure team.

Jeff has been at Microsoft since 2005 and holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan. Jeff lives in downtown Seattle.

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